domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

18th - 20th of July   Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag in Neuwied

Every year this festival takes place at another place in Rhineland-Palatine and next year the second time in Neuwied. The highlight of the festivity is a long parade with a lot of attandence. Groups of people from our regions, towns, organisations and associations walk through the city  and present themself   with floats, costumes, music. So the spectators along the parade got an impression about the diversity and richness of our state and their people.

miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Fête de la musique (France)

Some information about it :
It’s the 21st June, which is the longest day of the year,  instead of midsummer day.
It was created by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1982.
Many people play music in the street during all the night. Professional and amateur musicians can play what they want.
Why did they create it ?
They saw that in France 5 million people, out of who 50% young people, play a musical instrument.
Everybody can go see a concert in the street. Because some of these are free.
All over the country :
There are :
18 000 concerts
5 million musicians
10 million spectators
To sum it up :
It’s a very big party which is convivial and important in France. It’s every 21st June during the night. It inspired many other countries like Spain, Italy, the USA. We can watch one of these parties on the television.

Mother's day (France)

Date: Last Sunday of May; if this day coincides with the Pentecost, the celebration is postponed to the first Sunday of June.
What do we do : the children offer their presents to their mother which they made at school. They make cards with poems, a drawing … To show their love to their mother. Father’s day is the same for dads.

Fête du bouffon (France)

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Longue paume is a sport which is typical in Picardie This sport is played by two teams of six players There are six sets ( sometimes seven in case of deuce ) . Longue is similar to tennis because the objective is the same. Longue paume is an ancestor of modern lawn tennis

April fool's day (France)

April fool’s day it’s a festive day when we laugh by sticking fake fish in the back of a person.
We can tell jokes to our friends and if our friends believe our jokes we say: “Poisson d’avril!”.

Valentine's day (France)

Shrove Tuesday (France)

Shrove Tuesday is for us «  Mardi Gras  » (Fat Tuesday). Originally Shrove Tuesday is a festive period which marks the end of the “week” of fat seven days formerly called carnival days.
This moment during which we celebrate precedes Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of the fasting period Lent (47 days before Easter).
Generally, we eat pancakes with Nutella in Picardie and everywhere in France, and also donuts in the East. It’s possible there is a carnival and we parade with masks in the street with a big man in paper which is burnt in the end of the night in some regions of France. But some regions in France have typical traditions to celebrate on Shrove Tuesday.

This is a vehicle which is used when it’s the carnival in Paris